There are more elements to NROTC UC Berkeley than the standard physical and mental preparation necessary to become an officer. The NROTC Unit develops its Midshipmen through a comprehensive program that forces them to use all of their capabilities as a leader. The activities detailed below are those which the unit currently supports. Each emphasizes practical skills and teamwork, has an important role in the Company, and is done by and for the Midshipmen.


Ring Dance

The annual Ring Dance honors the Midshipmen who are entering into their First-Class year. It is a formal dinner, presentation, and dance held in April or May. While it is a formal ceremony, it is not without a fun spirit: each rising senior is “roasted” with a slideshow. The evening is a combination of reverence and revelry, ensuring that a great time is had by all.


Tri-Service Ball

Each year, the three ROTC branches at UC Berkeley rotate hosting the Tri-Service Ball (TSB), a celebration of the senior class of each service. TSB is the first opportunity that freshmen have to invite dates to see them in their military uniforms and enjoy an evening interacting with the other services in a more relaxed setting.

Physical Training

Physical activity is of utmost importance in the military and a focus of the NROTC program. Midshipmen are expected to achieve and maintain a high level of physical fitness. Midshipmen PT together three mornings a week at their respective campuses, and also during some Drills on Thursday afternoons.