Every Thursday, the Company gathers at UC Berkeley for drill. This training includes a variety of activities including runs, ethical discussions, public speaking events, inspections, and ceremonies. Drill is designed to further the leadership capabilities of Midshipmen.

Physical Training

Physical activity is of utmost importance in the military and a focus of the NROTC program. Midshipmen are expected to achieve and maintain a high level of physical fitness. During drill MIDN do various hill runs and do workouts throughout these runs.

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Ethical Decision Games

MIDN are given a prompt asking them a question that tests their leadership and morals, and are then asked to speak for one minute presenting their response to the question. This exercise helps MIDN to become better public speakers and teaches MIDN to think on their feet. 

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Leadership Reaction Course

The Leadership Reaction Course (LRC) is a component of Marine OCS, that involves a fire team carrying out a set of orders or completing an obstacle. During this exercise, both Navy and Marine option MIDN take turns leading their fire teams through these courses. Each MIDN who is leading is given a set amount of time to receive an order, create an order, issue the order, and execute the order.

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Navy Birthday

The U.S. Navy was founded on October 13, 1775 by the Continental Congress. Every year NROTC UC Berkeley celebrates the birth of the US Navy with a cake and carries on the tradition of having both the oldest and youngest MIDN at the same time. This tradition is symbolic of passing on tradition and knowledge from one generation to the next.

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Assistant Secretary of the Navy Visit

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