Applying to NROTC

National Scholarship

Deadline: End of January

The National Scholarship is a 4-year scholarship available for high school juniors and seniors.  The application window begins 18 months prior to the beginning of the intended school year and ends the January prior.  These applications are completed online and are coordinated by your local recruiting district.  For more information please visit

College Program

Deadline: End of May

The College Program is availible for students who have either missed the deadline or were not accepted by the National Scholarship.  College Program Students are members of the NROTC Unit but do not receive tuition payments.  They participate in all unit activities with the exception of Summer Cruise and are held to the same standards as Scholarship midshipmen.  College Program students have the opportunity to compete for 2- and 3- year scholarships as they progress through the program.  The application to join our unit as a College Programmer is processed through the UC Berkeley NROTC Unit.  The deadline for application is of the end of May prior to the beginning of the school year for which you are applying.  Please contact the NROTC Berkeley staff ( or 510-642-5437) for questions or to begin your application.