Order of Precedence For MIDN Ribbons

Regulations for ribbons taken from NROTC UC Berkeley Midshipman Regulations. Precedence according to section 1105 of NROTCUUCBINST 1533.6P.


Leadership Commendation


Awarded for particularly distinguished performance of duty as a leader of midshipmen.


Distinguished Achievement


Midshipman meets requirements for Academic Achievement Award with star, score 290/245 point (male/female) on the old scoring system for the Physical Readiness Test, and finish in the upper 25% of their class in military aptitude for the term in which the award is earned.


Academic Excellence


Midshipman receives at least a 3.3 term GPA.


Academic Achievement


Midshipman achieves at least a 3.0 term GPA.


Military Aptitude Excellence


Awarded to midshipmen who have demonstrated exceptional ability and leadership qualities by ranking in the top 20% of their class for military aptitude.


Physical Fitness Excellence


Awarded to midshipmen who have demonstrated remarkable abilities in the area of physical fitness by achieving at an ‘Outstanding’ on the PFA.


Freshman Orientation Honor Graduate


Awarded to the midshipman who graduates as the top individual from his or her respective Freshman Orientation Class.


Freshman Orientation Staff


Participation on Freshman Orientation Indoctrination staff.


Armed Drill Platoon


Worn by team members and any midshipman that the Drill Team Commander sees fit to nominate for their service to the Drill Team.


Color Guard


Participation on the Color Guard.


Honor Squad


Awarded to members of the squad finishing first in the overall competition during the semester.


Community Service


Awarded to midshipmen who have shown a spirit of philanthropy by participating in ten hours of Naval volunteer work.




Awarded to any midshipman providing eight hours of tutoring services is eligible for the tutoring ribbon. Also, the Company Commanding Officer may recommend that a ribbon be awarded to a midshipman who has made a significant improvement in the academic standing of the Company.




Awarded to midshipmen who recruit one new student to the unit or who otherwise make a significant contribution to the Unit’s recruiting effort as determined by the PNS.




Awarded to midshipmen who possess Skipper B qualification.