Unit Events

NAS Lemoore Visit 

MIDN had the opportunity to visit Naval Air Station Lemoore and learn about pursuing careers in aviation.

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Several MIDN from the unit went to go see the U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter speak at the Fairmont Hotel. The event was put together by The Commonwealth Club.

SD visits San Francisco

Honor Flight

Honor Flight Bay Area is a foundation that flies veterans from the Bay Area to Washington, D.C. This program enables veterans to visit war memorials honoring their sacrifices. Naval ROTC UC Berkeley is honored to have participated in this event that gives support and thanks to our veterans.

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Berkeley Project

Each semester, Naval ROTC UC Berkeley holds events such as Berkeley Project to build unit cohesion. Berkeley Project is an excellent opportunity that allows midshipman to serve the  community , meet new people, and enjoy a great bonding experience. Berkeley Project Day consists of about 1,500 volunteers from UC Berkeley who travel to various locations around the East Bay Area. At these sites, volunteers contribute towards numerous community service projects. Project work includes painting, gardening, general repair, and working with the homeless.

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