Group of marine enlisted soldiers dressed in camouflage uniform

Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program (MECEP)

MECEP Program

Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program (MECEP) is a multiyear program that selects enlisted Marines without a degree and allows them to earn a commission while concurrently earning a bachelor’s degree from a college or university affiliated with an NROTC unit.

MECEP candidates attend 10 weeks of Officer Candidate School (OCS) at MCB Quantico prior to assignment at an NROTC unit for degree completion and commissioning. The OCS course builds upon previous naval experience and is designed to teach each selectee the fundamental core concepts of Marine officership and the high ideals of a military officer. MECEP candidates are then assigned to the NROTC unit for drill, physical training, and receive six courses in leadership prior to commissioning.

The MECEP is open to all active duty and active reserve (AR) Marines who meet the eligibility requirements outlined inĀ MCO 1040.43B.

If you have been accepted to and are interested in attending UC Berkeley, Stanford, UC Davis, or California Maritime Academy, please contact the Assistant Marine Officer Instructor at NROTC UC Berkeley.