A student studying in a classroom and a group of midshipmen positioned at attention in uniform

Seaman to Admiral-21 Program (STA-21)

Seaman to Admiral-21 Program

Seaman to Admiral – 21st Century (STA-21) is a multi-year program that selects fleet Sailors without a degree and allows them to earn a bachelor’s degree from a college or university affiliated with an NROTC unit then commission after degree completion.

STA-21 selectees attend eight weeks of Naval Science Institute (NSI) at Officer Training Command prior to assignment at an NROTC unit. The NSI course builds upon previous naval experience and is designed to teach each selectees the fundamental core concepts of officership and the high ideals of a military officer. NSI is designed to afford STA-21 students the opportunity to complete their degree in 36 months and meet all commissioning requirements. Upon completion of NSI, STA-21 selectees are then assigned to the NROTC unit for drill, physical training, and two leadership courses prior to commissioning.

If you have been selected for the STA-21 program and accepted into UC Berkeley, Stanford University, UC Davis, or California Maritime Academy, please contact NROTC UC Berkeley for additional information.