Background of UC Berkeley's Sather Gate with students walking on campus grounds

What to Expect at NROTC UC Berkeley

The Best of Both Worlds

As a member of NROTC UC Berkeley, you’ll enjoy a great college experience at UC Berkeley, Stanford, UC Davis, or California Maritime Academy, and have the honor of training to serve your country with all the challenges, rewards, and advantages the program has to offer. Our location in the Bay Area, a nexus of world class research, education, technology, and leadership, offers advantages and experiences to our midshipmen not readily available at other NROTC units.

The knowledge you gain, camaraderie you build, and challenges you overcome with your fellow midshipmen will enhance and elevate your college experience.

We offer academic and NROTC requirements advising, as well as tutors for those wanting some extra help in certain areas.

A typical week of NROTC UC Berkeley training and activities: ​​​

  • Drill and Naval Science classes on Thursday afternoons/evenings at UC Berkeley
  • Marine Option Lab (Marine option midshipmen only) on Tuesday afternoons at UC Berkeley
  • Special Events as scheduled, locations vary

The Importance of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is a crucial element of mission performance and must be part of every midshipman’s life. Mission readiness and operational effectiveness are built on the physical fitness of the individual. Therefore, all NROTC students and military personnel shall maintain personal fitness by regular exercise and proper nutrition.

NROTC UC Berkeley’s culture of fitness demands a high standard for midshipmen—as potential future Naval Officers—to live a healthy and fit lifestyle congruent with military service.